Migration after May 1st 2004

Migration after May 1st 2004

Aims of the project

  1. Analysis of socio-demographic profiles of pre- and post-accession migrants from Poland
  2. Analysis of dynamics of flows of post-accession migration as compared with pre-accession period
  3. Estimation of the scale of post-accession migration from Poland
  4. Analysis of patterns of post-accession migration from Poland as compared with the pre-accession migration patterns
  5. Analysis of economic integration of migrants from Poland in the receiving labour markets during first years after enlargement of the EU in May 2010.


  1. In-depth analysis of Labour Force Survey Data (BAEL) in relation to migrants and return migrants (LFS/CMR Migrants’ and Return Migrants Databases)
  2. In-depth analysis of wide secondary sources produced in the receiving countries.

Project team

Marek Okolski- leader
Izabela Grabowska- coordinator and researcher
Marta Anacka- researcher
Joanna Korczynska- researcher
Agnieszka Fihel- researcher
Emilia Pietka- researcher
Emila Lewandowska- researcher

Publications connected to the project

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emigracj ostatnia








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mobility in transition







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Institution and source of funding
Ministry of Science and Higher Education


Polish Embassy in London,; Conference: Seven years after Polish accession to the EU: New academic and trade union perspectives on Polish migration and foreign workers in the UK, London, 25th November 2011.

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Paper: Multiplicity of migration patterns (with Godfried Engbersen)


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