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Professor Izabela Grabowska (formerly published as Grabowska-Lusinska) is sociologist and economist; Professor at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw (SWPS University); elected Director of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (300 PhD students, 3 faculties, 4 disciplines, 3 doctoral programs); Head of Youth Research Center of SWPS University; 2002-2019 Research Fellow at the Centre of Migration Research; member of IMISCOE Executive Board and former Deputy Chair of IMISCOE Research Network Board of Directors; former national expert of the European Commission in ESCO (Classification of European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations) and European Mobility Partnership; publishes in highly impact factor journals, e.g.: Work, Employment and SocietyJournal of Ethnic StudiesEurope-Asia StudiesInternational Migration; author of Movers and Stayers: Migration, Mobility and Skills (Lang 2016), co-author of research monograph: The Impact of Migration on Poland: EU Mobility and Social Change (with White, Kaczmarczyk and Slany, UCL Press 2018) and Migrants as Agents of Change (with Garapich, Jazwinska and Radziwinowiczowna, Palgrave Macmillan 2017); co-editor of Mobility in Transition. Migration Patterns After EU Enlargement (Amsterdam University Press 2013). She has led research projects on: migrants’ careers, social remittances, peer-groups & migration (in progress), life courses of young migrants & Brexit (in progress). She is active in building international research consortia in EU FP and bilateral schemes.
Izabela Grabowska’s Short Bio (in Polish)

Prof. Izabela Grabowska at the Annual IMISCOE Conference

During the Annual IMISCOE Conference in Malmo, Prof. Izabela Grabowska was a chair of the session: Developing theories to understand mobilities and settling strategies in uncertain and insecure contexts, organized by Prof. Louise Ryan from The University of Sheffield.
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New research monograph just released

New research monograph just released:
Grabowska I. (2019). Otwierajc glowy. Migracje i kompetencje spoleczne [The opening up of minds. Migration and social skills], Warsaw: Scholar [in Polish].
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Achievements of Izabela’s PhD Candidates

Dr. Justyna Sarnowska, The socialization role of migration in the process of entering the labour market, PhD degree was granted on the 26th of February 2018; Dr. Sarnowska’s doctoral dissertation has been distinguished in 2018 by Joanna Matejko’s Reward 2018, awarded by the Center of Migration Research, University of Warsaw;

Dr. Magdalena Baran-Wojtachnio, The potential and real social diversity of the Polish Army as a learning institution, PhD degree was granted on the 25th of March 2019; distinguished cum laude.

Mrs. Paulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska, The reflexivity of women in their mid-life course. The sociological portraits of women from Radom, the PhD procedure was upgraded on the 25th of February 2019.

Just released monograph!


White A., Grabowska I., Kaczmarczyk P., Slany K. (2018). The Impact of Migration on Poland. London: UCL Press.

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The lecture of Professor Anne White at SWPS University

Migration affects people living in ‘sending countries’ in numerous, often barely noticed ways. It blends with other globalisation and Europeanisation influences to shape the lives of individuals in Warsaw and Wrocław as much as Polish small towns and villages. In her lecture on „The Impact of Migration on Poland: EU Mobility and Social Change”, Professor Anne White from the University College London will discuss how the transnational ties of individual Poles in Poland contribute to wider social change.

The lecture, organized by the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program at SWPS University, is part of the series The Challenges of the Humanities of the 21st Century. Learn more

The lecture will be conducted in English. Free admission.

February 16, 2018 at 17.00

SWPS University
Chodakowska 19/31, Warsaw
Conference Room No.400, 4th Floor

The lecture is connected with the forthcoming research monograph:
White A., Grabowska I., Kaczmarczyk P., Slany K. (accepted for publication 2018/2019). The Impact of Migration on Poland: Mobility and Social Change, London: UCL Press.

Masterclass at the University of Sheffield (UK)

Izabela Grabowska will deliver a two-hour masterclass to PhD students and early career researchers entitled, “Interdisciplinary approach to complex policy issues: A case of migration-development nexus” on the afternoon of Thursday 19th April 2018 at the University of Sheffield (UK).

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