Does Polish economy need migrants?

Does Polish economy need migrants?

[Full name: Module of the MPLM project- Migration Policy and Labour Market Change MPLM Project]

Aims of the project

  1. Quantitative analysis of both fulfilled and potential demand for foreigners in the Polish economy
  2. In-depth qualitative analysis of reasons, experience and future plans of employers employing foreigners in Poland
  3. Bringing evidence to policy recommendations on the past, current and future needs (before the crisis) of the Polish economy in relation to foreign workers.


  1. Representative two-step survey with employers as based on registration [REGON] in all groups of employers ( from micro:0-9 employees; through small employers 10-49; and medium 50-249; up to big employers 250+): firstly, identifying employers employing foreigners in Poland; secondly, these employers who declared employment were interviewed in details
  2. In-depth interviews with employers employing foreigners in Poland
  3. Analysis of secondary data in relation to employment of foreigners in Poland
  4. Questions added to Omnibus household survey in relation to employment of foreigners in household services in Poland.

Project team
Izabela Grabowska- coordinator
Anna Janicka-Zylicz- key researcher
Agata Gorny
Agnieszka Fihel
Joanna Korczynska
Pawel Dabrowski

Publications connected to the project

Grabowska-Lusińska I., Żylicz A. (eds.) (2008). Czy polska gospodarka potrzebuje cudzoziemców?, Warszawa: Ośrodek Badań nad Migracjami Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego.

Institution and source of funding

Project was co-funded by the European Social Fund and implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy within Sectoral Operational Programme – Human Resources Development.

2006 – 2008


IMISCOE 4th Annual Conference, Brighton, University of Sussex, 6-9th October 2007

Paper: Demand for foreign labour in Poland