Horizon Europe Link4Skills

The Link4Skills project aims to address the critical global challenge of skill shortages and mismatches through innovative, sustainable solutions that foster fair skill utilization and exchange across continents. The project’s Scientific Coordinator is Prof. Dr. Izabela Grabowska.

Project’s purpose

Focusing on Europe, Africa, Asia, and America, the project seeks to bridge the gap between skill supply and demand by facilitating re/up-skilling, raising wages, promoting automation, and encouraging migration as key processes. 

By integrating a diverse range of stakeholders, including EU decision-makers, inter-governmental institutions, national and subnational decision-makers, employers’ organizations, employees’ organizations, and civic society co-development institutions, Link4Skills endeavours to create an inclusive, participatory policy decision-making environment.

The message

The project’s acronym reflects linking 4 fair skill utilisation and exchanges between origins and destinations:It embeds 4 processes of filling in skill gaps: re/up skilling of established populations (incl. migrant populations), raising wages, automations and migration.It considers 4 continents: Europe, Africa, Asia and America, where skill shortages and skill flows will be considered.It takes major groups of stakeholders on board of the Participatory Policy Decision Dashboard: EU decision makers and civil servant; inter-governmental institutions; national decision makers via skill and vocational institutions , subnational decision makers and clerks, employers’ organisations, employees’ organisations and civic society’s co-development institutions.

Main goals

Our international consortium seeks to answer three main questions:How should the EU respond to skill shortages?How can businesses and policymakers identify skills needed in changing labour markets more effectively?How can the EU ensure that skills recruitment – both domestically and among the workforces of non-EU countries – is fair and effective?

AI enabled

In collaboration with labor market stakeholders we are co-creating an AI-Assisted Skill Navigator to aid decision-making and support mutually beneficial skill flows. The Navigator will be an open access system available to the public and designed to support the needs of governments, employers, and vocational training organisations.

Project Information


Grant agreement ID: 101132476
EC signature date:7 November 2023

Start date:1 January 2024

End date:31 December 2026

Funded under

  • Culture, creativity and inclusive society

Total cost:€ 2 999 350,00

EU contribution:€ 2 999 350,00


More at: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101132476