CEEYouth: Youth from Central and Eastern Europe facing risks in the UK. The comparative study of Poles and Lithuanians in the context of Brexit

Duration: 10.2018 – 09.2021

Funding source: National Science Centre Poland and Research Council of Lithuania, DAINA 1 scheme

PI: Izabela Grabowska (SWPS University in Warsaw), Co-PI: Dovilė Jonavičienė (PPMI in Vilnius)

Link to the project website: http://youth.swps.pl/ceeyouth/?lang=en

Publications by Izabela Grabowska connected to the project:

Grabowska I. (2020). The 2004 EU enlargement as an outcome of public policies: The impact of intra-EU mobility on Central and Eastern European sending countries. Social Policy and Society [accepted].

CEEYouth: The comparative study of young migrants from Poland and Lithuania in the context of Brexit. Combining public statistics, web-survey and asynchronous interviewing, Youth Working Papers No. 10/2019, ISSN: 2543-5213 doi: 10.23809/7.

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