Research Program: Return Migrants

Although the biggest historical enlargement of the European Union (EU) in 2004 evoked massive outflows of people from Central Europe in a rather short period of time, the return flows are happening gradually and are extended in time. Our knowledge about return mobilities  in Central Europe and especially about its outcomes is still scattered as the returns are not easily traceable in the statistics and it is difficult to track multiple moves of people within the EU. This research program encompasses various activities with the aim to build up a knowledge resource both for science and policy on return mobility to Central Europe: (1) secondary data sources analyses, e.g. big societal surveys where migration variables got included additionally (in other words migration was not the main topic of a survey); (2) primary return migration surveys; (3) in-depth interviews with return migrants; (3) research & social impact activities (e.g. educational programs for Public Employment Services).


Research-impact educational program for Public Employment Services & EURES [see details at:]

Comparative survey on returning Poles and Lithuanians (DAINA CEEYouth).


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