The lecture of Professor Anne White at SWPS University

Migration affects people living in ‘sending countries’ in numerous, often barely noticed ways. It blends with other globalisation and Europeanisation influences to shape the lives of individuals in Warsaw and Wrocław as much as Polish small towns and villages. In her lecture on “The Impact of Migration on Poland: EU Mobility and Social Change”, Professor Anne White from the University College London will discuss how the transnational ties of individual Poles in Poland contribute to wider social change.

The lecture, organized by the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program at SWPS University, is part of the series The Challenges of the Humanities of the 21st Century. Learn more

The lecture will be conducted in English. Free admission.

February 16, 2018 at 17.00

SWPS University
Chodakowska 19/31, Warsaw
Conference Room No.400, 4th Floor

The lecture is connected with the forthcoming research monograph:
White A., Grabowska I., Kaczmarczyk P., Slany K. (accepted for publication 2018/2019). The Impact of Migration on Poland: Mobility and Social Change, London: UCL Press.