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Baran-Wojtachnio MagdalenaPhD dissertation under supervision of Izabela Grabowska entitled Potential & real social diversity among professional soldiers of the Polish Army [in Polish: Zróżnicowanie społecznie wśród żołnierzy zawodowych Wojska Polskiego]. Magdalena Baran-Wojtachnio is sociologist. She works in the Military Center for Civic Education and there she carriers out social research for the purpose of national defense. She’s member of Polish Sociological Association and co-founder of the Sociological Section of National Security Issues.

She is interested in sociology of military, especially equal treatment on grounds of social features in the army and gender mainstreaming. She publishes on the gender issues in the army.

Publications by Magdalena Baran-Wojtachnio:

Cellected volumes:

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Paulina Smaszcz (1)PhD dissertation under supervision of Izabela Grabowska entitled: Mid-life course of female Poles from former capitals of provences. A sociological portrait of women from Radom at the end of the system transition.

in Polish: Połowa biegu życia Polek z byłych miast wojewódzkich. Portret socjologiczny radomianek u schyłku transformacji systemowej.

Bio: Paulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska an expert with 20-year experience in public relations & communication & advocacy. Prepares and implements the PR & communication strategy for the largest and most valuable Polish projects in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

Currently, she works as a Communication and PR Director/Spokesperson at Digital Platform nc+ (CANAL+). The position of the Director covers the responsibility for the activities of the company within the scope of: corporate PR, content PR connected with thematic channels (film, sport, lifestyle, parenting, socialmedia+technology and offers) addressed to journalists and subscribers as well as potential clients, management and supervision of PR projects with media&business partners, reporting and supervisions the presence of thematic channels and the company in social media. The Director’s duties also include coordination of the work of a team of employees and coordination of work of PR agencies, event agencies, an agency responsible for moderation of social media. The function of spokesperson entitles to representing the company during media interviews and public statements in the Poland and abroad and caring for good image of the management board and employees, the spokesperson is in the board of supervision department in crisis situations.

An expert in the field of business communication and business auto-presentation of NETWORK OF WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR and of POLISH BUSINESS WOMAN CONGRESS, ACTIVE WOMAN ASSOCIATION, VITAL VOICES FUNDATION, Women@Work Harper’s Bazaar, MAKE UP BUSISNESS, Klub Kobiecego Biznesu Polsko-Francuskiej Izby Gospodarczej, Loża Kobiet Biznesu. She creates targeted partner programs. Expert and juror in the competition BUSISNESS WOMAN OF THE YEAR. The main face of the campaign #StaćMnieNaSukces . Couch for business woman and start-up programs. Trainer for women in half of life course (workshops, lectures, interactive exercises).
A specialist in public relations & communication, journalist and TV presenter, an expert and trainer. For 15 years she has trained individual board members and top managers, politicians and medical professionals (professors, doctors, medical consultants). She prepares members of NGOs to public speaking and media presentations in Poland and on the EU forum.

With a huge positive energy and joy of life, impeccable in her behaviour, with a great sense of humour, class and emotional intelligence. By journalists she is called the VOICE OF POLISH WOMEN AFTER 40.



Marta Buler (MA) – holds a Master of Arts in Sociology from the Institute of Sociology of the University of Warsaw. She is also a graduate of Cognitive Skills Trainer Program at the Psychology Department of the same institution. She is currently pursuing a PhD at the SWPS University. Marta carries out Public Relations workshops for Journalism students at the SWPS University.
Before returning to academia, Marta has worked as a journalist, then gaining extensive experience as a Public Relations specialist. She worked for both Polish and international PR agencies, as well as global tech corporations, holding responsibility over communications.
Marta’s research foci are social remittances and sociology of family. She is a collaborator in the project Education-to-domestic and- foreign labour market transitions of youth: The role of local community, peer group and new media (Funding source: National Science Centre; Project Contract No. 2015/18/E/HS6/00147).