Research teams

Selected research teams

  1. CRASH Center for Research on Social Change and Human Mobility at Kozminski University

Dr. Agata Jastrzebowska

Dominika Winogrodzka (Scholarship of National Science Center)

Ivanna Kyliushyk (Scholarship of National Science Center)

Kazimierz Zieliński

Emil Chrol (Scholarship of National Science Center)

  1. National Science Center Poland OPUS BigMig: Digital and non-digital traces of migrants in Big Data and Small Data and human capacities (2021-2024)

Dr. Agata Jastrzebowska – post-doc

Dominika Winogrodzka – National Science Center Doctoral Scholarship

Ivanna Kyliushyk – National Science Center Doctoral Scholarship

Project website at Kozminski University

Research Projects

  1. H2020 MIMY: EMpowerment through liquid Integration of Migrant Youth in vulnerable conditions.

Horizon 2020, panel: MIGRATION-03-2019: Social and economic effects of migration in Europe and integration policies.

Consortium Leader: University of Luxembourg, Prof. Birte Nienaber

Prof. Izabela Grabowska- Polish Principal Investigator

Kozminski Team: Dr. Agata Jastrzebowska, Maciej Sadowski (collaborator)

2. CEEYouth: The comparative study of Poles and Lithuanians in the context of Brexit
The project is realized in cooperation between Polish team (Youth Research Centre at SWPS University in Warsaw) and Lithuanian team (Public Policy and Management Institute in Vilnius)

Polish Team
Professor Izabela Grabowska, Principal Investigator, Project Leader

Dr. Olga Czeranowska, Post-doc Researcher
Dr. Agnieszka Trąbka, Researcher
Ms Iga Wermińska-Wiśnicka, PhD Candidate

Ms Dominika Winogrodzka, Project Collaborator & Observer

Dr. Daniela Hekiert, former Post-doc Researcher

Dr. Mateusz Karolak, former project Collaborator & Observer

Lithuanian team:
Dr. Dovilė Jonavičienė, Principal Investigator, Lithuanian Team Leader
Dr. Egidijus Barcevičius, Researcher
Ms Irma Budginaitė-Mačkinė, Researcher
Ms Luka Klimavičiūtė, Team Member
Ms Justė Vežikauskaitė, Team Member

International External Experts of CEEYouth

Professor Louise Ryan, London Metropolitan University

Dr. Violetta Parutis, University of Essex
Professor Aleksandra Grzymala-Kazłowska, University of Warsaw

3. Peer groups&migration
Education-to-domestic and- foreign labour market transitions of youth: The role of local community, peer group and new media

Project Team
Professor Izabela Grabowska, Principal Investigator

Dr. Natalia Juchniewicz, Post-doc Researcher; Research Gate profile
Ms Dominika Winogrodzka, PhD Researcher, National Science Centre Poland Scholarship
Ms Izabela Mleczko, PhD Candidate, Collaborator

1 Post-doc

1 PhD Scholarship

Methodological Scientific Advisor: Emeritus Professor Bren Neale, Professor of Life course and Family Research, University of Leeds;
Conceptual Scientific Advisor: Professor Anne White, Professor of Polish Studies and Social and Political Science, School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies, University College London.

4. Social remittances in the EU

Cultural diffusion through social remittances between Poland and UK

Project Team
Professor Izabela Grabowska, Principal Investigator

Dr. Michal Garapich, Univeristy of Roehampton, London, institutional partner
Google Scholar profile; Research Gate profile

Dr. Ewa Jazwinska, methodologist and senior researcher

Agnieszka Radziwinowicz, PhD candidate, research assistant
Google Scholar profile; Research Gate profile

1 PhD candidate, junior researcher