Paula Pustułka

Paulina Pustułka

Paula Pustułka holds a PhD in Sociology from Bangor University in Wales (2015) and an MA from Jagiellonian University. She has worked as Researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University (2013-2016), completing Transfam project on Polish transnational families in Norway. Her other research projects include studies on social and political participation of migrants (ISP 2013) and Polish education in the diaspora (PAU 2013). She joined SWPS University as Postdoctoral Researcher for the Education-to-domestic and- foreign labour market transitions of youth: The role of locality, peer group and new media in 2016. Paula has extensively published on Polish migrant families settled in the EU, with a strong focus on family practices and parenting, as well as particular experiences of men, women and children in mobility projects. Her research interests revolve around gender and family studies, migration research, youth studies, and qualitative research methodologies.

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