Joanna Szen-Ziemiańska

zdjęcie SWPS

Joanna Szen-Ziemiańska holds a PhD in Psychology from SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities (2015). As part of her dissertation, she has accomplished several research on determinants of creative achievements at early stages of scientific career under the supervision of Prof. Maciej Karwowski. In 2006 graduated from the Academy of Special Education, holds a M.A. in Education with specialization in Psychoeducation of Creativity.

She is currently employed in a position Plenipotentiary of the Head of Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Studies for Career of Young Scientists and Scientific Mentoring at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. As Researcher Developer supports doctoral students thru individual and group mentoring, coaching and consulting. Leads workshops for doctoral students as part of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (eg. Workshop 0 – beginnings of a young researcher; Creativity in science), coordinates and moderates peer-mentoring meetings. Cooperates with Vitae, organization that supports scientists in different stages of their career. Her research interests, as well as practical activities, are concentrated around the subject of determinants of effectiveness, motivation and creativity of young scientists.

She is the author of several scientific reviewed articles on creativity and the chapter in the Cambridge handbook of creativity across different domains (2017). She is also the author of over 40 popular-science articles in the field of psychology.

Joanna has experience from working as a corporate trainer, and as an assessor in recruitment and development procedures (assessment and development center). She conducted many psychoeducational training courses and workshops developing soft skills of participants.

Odyssey of the Mind world finalist received Polish Ministry of Science Fellowship twice.

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