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Grabowska I., Buler M. (2019). The centenary of the Polish Peasant in Europe and America through the contemporary concept of social remittancesPolish Sociological Review, 1(205): 85-102.

Buler M. Pustułka P. (2017). Gendered family practices and cultural diffusion in binational couples of Polish migrant womenStudia Migracyjne – Przegląd Polonijny 4 (166), 37-59.

Grabowska I., Buler M. (2017). Social remittances into family lives in the Polish Peasant in Europe and America. [In:] Skoczylas Ł., Kubera J. (eds.)  Contemporary Migrations in the Humanistic Coefficient Perspective. Florian Znaniecki’s Thought in Today’s Science. Bern/Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

Grabowska I., Pustułka P., Sarnowska J., Juchniewicz N., Buler M. (2017). Peer groups and Migration. Dialoguing Theory and Empirical Research’, Youth Working Paper, doi: 10.23809/2.