Magdalena Baran-Wojtachnio

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Baran-Wojtachnio Magdalena

PhD dissertation under supervision of Izabela Grabowska entitled Real and potential social diversity among soldiers in the Polish Army as a learning organization [in Polish: Realne i potencjalne zróżnicowanie społeczne żołnierzy w Wojsku Polskim jako organizacji uczącej się]. Magdalena Baran-Wojtachnio is a sociologist. She works in the Military Center for Civic Education. She’s a head of the Military Office of Social Studies. She’s a member of Polish Sociological Association and co-founder of the Sociological Section of National Security Issues.

She is interested in sociology of military, especially equal treatment on grounds of social features in the army and gender mainstreaming. She publishes on the gender issues in the army.