Justyna Sarnowska

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Dr. Justyna Sarnowska is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the University SWPS, Coordinator of at the Youth Research Center. She has been awarded a PhD Scholarship and works as Research Coordinator in the Sonata Bis Peers & Migration project. She is also a team member in the CeeYouth project.

Justyna graduated from the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies Program of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. She defended a doctoral thesis Socializing role of international migration in school-to-work-transition. In 2014, she has won the prestigious Florian Znaniecki’s Best Master Thesis Award granted by the Polish Sociological Association. Her award-winning work was titled Strategies of social sciences’ graduates in the labour market [Strategie funkcjonowania absolwentow nauk spolecznych na rynku pracy] and was supervised by Professor Izabela Grabowska.

She was research coordinator for the project Carrier paths of graduates ‘of University of Social Sciences and Humanities – the value of diploma and education with work combining founded from the statutory funds of the SWPS University.
She was also the researcher in the project Cultural diffusion through social remittances between Poland and UK funded by National Sciences Centre Poland, led by Izabela Grabowska.

She cooperated with the Centre of Migration Research of the University of Warsaw, where she is the secretariat’s coordinator of the Postgraduate Programme ‘Contemporary International Migration’.

From 2012 to 2015 she had collaborate with the private sector, providing business customers with solutions connected to the international recruitment of workers.

Justyna specialises in socialization, school-to-work-transitions, alumni’ career paths and social & spacial mobility of youngsters.